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Thank you for visiting the Spintec website. Spintec are specialist manufacturers of high-quality Game Fishing lures and spinners for salmon and sea trout. Spintec lures and spinners are also successful with other predatory fish such as pike, sea bass, perch, brown trout and other predatory fish.

Spintec supply both assembled lures and the very highest quality lure components for self-assembly. Spintec manufacturer Flying C' lure bodies in natural rubber latex. Natural rubber closed head Flying C' bodies are not only much stronger than synthetic plastic silicone type bodies, but also provide a life-like, strike inducing tail action. Spintec manufacture the widest selection in single colours, double colours and the 'Genie' two coloured layered range.

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Spintec Flying C's are available in weights 5g, 10g, 15g, 20g, 28g and 34g and with a huge choice of latex body colours, blade finishes, premium teardrop colours and hooks (bronze treble, premium treble or premium single hook and helicopter rig mounts), provide the widest selection of high quality Flying C's available anywhere!

Spintec also manufacture high quality Devon Minnows (wood floating and sinking), Blair Spoons, Flying Bullet C's, Allie's Shrimp bullets and more!

Spintec "Helicopter Rig Mount" Flying C's


Spintec manufacture the widest range of high quality "Helicopter Rig Mount" Flying C's. The hook is attached using a short length of line on a rotating mount at the front of the Flying C'. This allows a much smaller hook to be used which increases hook penetration and reduces the potential for harm when returning your catch.

Spintec supply the Widest Range of Environment Agency Approved Single Hook Flying C' Game Fishing Lures / Spinners

Spintec supply not only the best quality but also the widest range of Environment Agency Catch and Release approved Black Chrome Single Hook Latex Rubber Flying C's, Devon Minnows, Latex Tadpoles, Blair Spoons and Latex Rubber Flying Bullet C' lures and spinners! We've selected a very high-quality black chrome single hook for catch and release which is extremely sharp and very, very strong. Also available for DIY lure / spinner assembly.

Non-Lead Bullet Heads - Nickel, Brass or Copper finish

In 2010, after several years of testing on the Ribble by Morris, Spintec produced the first non-lead Flying Bullet Head for spinning lures. Spintec Bullet Heads and Hollow Bullet Heads can be used on waters which have restricted the use of lead in fishing lures. When combined with a Spintec Latex lure body it creates an exceptionally high-quality game fishing lure. An excellent alternative to the traditional Flying C'. Available in four weights and three finishes.

Lure Benefits

  • Tough Non-Rip Latex Tails for the best quality Flying C' lures. Tough non-rip natural latex rubber tails for the best quality Flying C' lures with single, treble and helicopter mount hooks
  • A huge range of single, double and genie colour latex Flying C' lure bodies A huge range of solid and mixed colour Flying C' spinner latex bodies
  • Industry Leading salmon / sea trout Game Fishing Lure, Spinner Industry Leading salmon / sea trout Game Fishing Lure, Spinner
  • Choose from Single Hooks or Treble Hooks Strong Hooks
  • Assembled Lures (Latex Flying Bullet C's, Flying C' Single or Treble Hook, Flying C' Genie Single Hook or Treble Hook, Helicopter Rig Mount Flying C's, Devon Minnows, Blair Spoons, Flying Condom, Latex fly, salmon, sea trout, pike, perch lures, Game Fishing Lures, Latex shrimp and Fly). Fully assembled Game fishing lures
  • Fishing lure components Atlantic Spoons, Barrel Leads, Non-leads, Teardrop Beads, Flying Bullet Heads, Stainless Metal beads, Leads, Clevis, French Blades, Indiana blades, Latex lure bodies, latex Flying C bodies, Silicone oil, Stainless Split rings, Stainless steel wire wires, Swing blades, Original Ball bearing swivels, Lure Building Tools, Treble hooks - Eagle Claw; Single hooks, Zulu bodies. FIshing Lure Components

Best Selling Items

6mm Single Colour Pre-cut Latex Bodies (10 Pack)

Single Colour.

6mm Latex Pre-cut bodies to make a Flying C' of 10g, 15g, 20g, 28g or 34g (34g's same cut as 28g's)

Packed in 10's

Standard Colours £4.50 per 10
Fluorescent Colours £4.75 per 10
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Spintec Flying C' - 6mm Single Colour Body - Single Hook or Treble


The 6mm Flying C' is available in 10g, 15g, 20g, 28g or 34g. Assembled using extra strong 0.9mm stainless wire with a good quality bronze Eagle Claw treble hook with the option to upgrade to a sharper Black Chrome treble or a premium Owner treble (ST41-BC) or a good quality, strong single hook. Finished with a premium teardrop bead or a metal lure topper, spinner blade and stainless bearing bead. We like to think we've perfected this classic Salmon lure.

Choose weight, spinner blade finish, hook type and the lure body from the single colour Latex lure body range.

Fluorescent Colours +0.25p
Lacquered Copper Blade +0.25p

10g or 15g £2.99
20g £3.25
28g or 34g £3.50
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6mm Double Coloured Pre-cut Latex Bodies (10 Pack)

6mm Double Colour Latex Lure Bodies

Latex Pre-cut lure bodies to make a Flying C' of 10g, 15g, 20g, 28g or 34g (34g's same cut as 28g's)

Standard Colours £4.75 per 10
Fluorescent Colours £4.99 per 10

Packed in 10's

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The Best Game Fishing Lures

We believe the Spintec Flying C' is the most successful Salmon and Sea Trout lure in the UK. Spintec supply assembled lures or components for you to make to your own requirements. Spintec manufacture the widest range of Flying C' colours and weights on the market.

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Game Fishing Products

  • Fully assembled lures Blair Spoon, Devon Minnow, Flying Condom, Flying Bullet Condom, Latex Genie Flying C', Flying Bullet C', Latex fly, Latex shrimp and Rubber Zulu.

  • Fishing lure components Barrel leads, Non-lead weights, Bullet Bodies, Teardrop Beads, Metal beads, Clevis, French Blades, Indiana blades, Swing Blades, Ripple Blades, Latex Flying C' lure spinner bodies, Silicone oil, Stainless Split rings, Stainless wires, Spintec Original Ball bearing swivels, bb swivels, Tools, Treble hooks, Single hooks & Zulu bodies.

  • Fishing lure tools Round nose pliers and split ring pliers.

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